About The Podcast

The needle touches down gently… a familiar pop and hiss emerges from the speakers, followed by a gentle clarity… something that simply does not exist anywhere else. Glass of wine in hand, I sit upon a chair near the speakers and wait for the music experience to envelop me.

Like so many things in my life, this project has been a long time coming. I have wanted to produce a music podcast for years, however there were many obstacles along the way (not the least of which being the licensing issue and my inexperience in terms of what is involved in producing a quality podcast).

I’ve since produced two other podcasts which have helped me gather a wealth of knowledge, as both were trial by fire. Along the way, I purchase the hardware, software and online tools to help me produce podcasts which I can be proud of… which started me thinking that perhaps it was time to revisit my initial dream.

You see, I love music. I was quite fortunate at a young age, when my folks signed me up for guitar lessons at age six. From that point, I developed a deep appreciate for music. My music collection (be it vinyl, eight-track, tape, CD or digital in nature) has always been fairly large and diverse.

My favorite however, has always been vinyl. There is something about it which transform music into an experience. It’s something that I have never needed to explain to anyone else who makes regular visits to the record shop on Saturday afternoons, fingering through stacks of albums, hoping to find something that they will listen to that evening.

You see, vinyl is a musical experience. It forces the listener to be involved in the process. It cannot simply be turned on with a remote and set to shuffle. The music which emanates cannot be tuned out while performing any number of mundane chores.

You have to remove the album from the sleeve, an action which typically produces a smile. You have to place it upon the turntable. You have to lift the needle and place it upon the vinyl.

You are involved. You are interacting with the music in a way that is not present in so many other media.

And if you have an appreciation for it, you will feel a sense of coming home when that needle touches down and that soft static starts.

I make it a point to sit and listen to albums as they play. I don’t ignore the music, simply needing noise in the background.

I listen. I appreciate the work that went into recording every song. I am the audience every musician hopes to find… someone who truly values each note.

I am ready when the album needs to be flipped over. And it begins again (typically with a second glass of wine).

So when it became time to produce this podcast, the thought of incorporating my appreciation of vinyl was fairly obvious. The irony that it the podcast is a digital format is not lost on me, however that does not mean that I cannot still try to create something unique… something that people (especially vinyl lovers) will come to look forward to.

The Vinyl Experience – A brief explanation

What I wanted to do was create something that encompassed several of my passions. As I’ve made obvious, one of those is vinyl. The other is the discovery of something amazing.

Allow me to explain.

I don’t want to be just another music podcast. I’ve nothing against the music that you hear on the radio, however I don’t want to do that. If you wanted to listen to the newest music from top 40 artists/bands, you would tune in to your favorite station on the radio.

I want to be more than that. I want to try to create that sense of discovery that you get when you hear something completely fresh and new.

We all size up people. It’s a function that is sub-conscious and we are rarely even aware that we are doing it. A musician will step onto a stage, someone whom we have never seen nor heard. We will quickly decide before they even begin whether we believe they will be any good. We will study their appearance, the way they hold their instrument, the mic, even the way that they walked onto the stage. We’ll listen to them speak before singing, introducing their song, and in those few moments create an idea of what they will sound like.

And it is in those moments when they open their mouths and the hair stands up on the back of your neck that we are reminded of now necessary music is in our lives.

That’s what I want to create… that sense of rediscovering music. I don’t want to hear the same beat by some wanna-be gangsta.

I want the edge and raw power of Fighting for Survival.

I don’t want the same perfect melody that’s been sung a hundred times before… echoing the same words time and time again.

I want the beauty and clarity and humor of DanielleAteTheSandwich.

It is for these people that I live.


The Vinyl Experience is a podcast devoted to two things; vinyl and indie music.

Every episode features indie music set to vinyl (ironically, by digital means). This does not replace the experience of listening to a new album, however it does allow us to hear new musicians in this format.

The podcast is recorded on a MacBook (unibody), using a Rode Podcaster microphone. The software used includes (though is not limited to); Ubercaster, Audio Hijak Pro, and GarageBand.

If you are an indie musician and would like to hear your work on the podcast, please check the Submissions page for further instructions.

The podcast is available by various means, including iTunes. Please leave reviews as these are always appreciated.