Karmin – Inside Out

Karmin – Inside Out

I had the pleasure of interviewing Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan of Karmin recently, and found them to be as awesome as their videos make them seem to be. This makes listening to their music even more enjoyable.

Inside Out

Inside Out

Inside Out” is their EP containing four of their original songs. Karmin, thanks in no small part to their YouTube channel, is known for their covers. That said though, their originals are starting to get just as much attention… and that is because they are absolutely fantastic. Whether whimsical or serious, each is intelligently written and has, as I described on the podcast, an infectious melody that seeps into your brain and remains there for days. I find myself humming their songs while wandering about, and without meaning to, I’m always smiling.

The duo has managed to create a style all their own, and it’s one which causes your body to move.

You can purchase a copy of the EP at their site, as well as other CDs and merchandise.


March 27, 2011 in Album Library

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