Episode 21

Episode 21

Featuring Karmin, Heather Green and Maneli Jamal
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Karmin is a Boston based band comprised of Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan. The two met at Berklee College of Music, became a couple, and quickly started performing together. They wanted to take music back to a time when it wasn’t about twenty layered tracks, many of them digitized, but rather just a girl with a killer voice and guitar, and a boy with stylin’ harmonies and a box drum.



That simple equation lead to a string of popular YouTube cover videos which propelled them to the top of many people’s favorites folder. Upon establishing themselves as a determined musical force, they then started releasing their own original songs, which have received the same amount of appreciation from their every-growing fanbase.

Amy and Nick have created a style all their own, and it’s built on strong, intelligent lyrics, and infectious melodies that seep into your brain and remain there for days. This style is a blend of pop, jazz, R&B, classic rock and blues, and you may think no one could combine all of that and make it work, and yet here they are… Karmin.

Not only do they make it work, but they make it seem effortless. You would think they’d been playing music together since birth. There’s no competition for center stage… nor any hint of one straying from the other to experiment during a live performance. Because if one choose to veer down a path less travelled to see what kind of musical fun lurks therein, the other is right beside them, a smile on their lips as they face it together.

Over time, they’ve added several instruments to their repertoire, thanks in no small part to their musical aptitude, and this is reflected in some of their newer work which has a more full-bodied sound. Still, what they love best is performing live with the least amount of noise… creating simple, yet powerful music.

You can go to their site for links to all of their YouTube releases, as well as some live performances. You can also purchase their CDs from the site.

And speaking of their CDs, Amy and Nick were kind enough to send me 4 copies of their EP, “Inside Out”. The EP contains four of their original songs. Now, I’m not going to lie to you. I’m keeping one of these. I want it for my car to listen to on boring drives ‘round town. This leaves 3 for you guys.

Just send an email to thevinylexperience [at] gmail [dot] com and in the subject line, write “Karmin CD Giveaway”. I’ll send out the CDs to the first three people who contact me. Easy as that.

Oh, and the CD label is styled like a vinyl album. Seriously. Can these two get any cooler.

Heather Green

Heather Green

Heather Green started her musical career in LA, where she released her first EP, “One Year Happy” in January of 2009. While in Los Angeles, she performed live at many popular clubs, sharing the stage with exceptionally talented performers.

That is, until she moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia later that year. Since arriving in Canada, she’s continued to make a name for herself, though now with the Maritimes music scene.

The east coast of Canada is known for many things; absolutely amazing sea food, incredibly friendly people, and a strong musical backbone that is woven through all aspects of their culture.

It takes a lot of talent to thrive in that kind of atmosphere, and that is just what Heather has done. She now shares the stage with the best from the east coast… and she can do that thanks to a heart-wrenching voice, lyrics which we can easily relate to, and simple, soulful melodies which make listeners sigh and sit back.

Check out her site at reverbnation.com/heathergreen to read more about her, as well as listen to more of her songs.

Maneli Jamal

Maneli Jamal

One of the dangers of playing the guitar for hours on end every single day is that you can develop injuries to your arms or shoulders from the strain. This may sound unlikely to some, however I happen to know someone who went through the same thing that has afflicted Maneli Jamal… and much like Maneli, it killed him not being able to play while his injury healed.

This is why we’ve not heard as much from Maneli for the last little while. Still, you can’t keep a driven musician quiet for long. Despite not being able to play his guitar, Maneli experimented with digital tracks on his computer and created several fantastic songs.

In addition to this, he also picked up an electric guitar to mess around on. People have gotten used to his acoustic genius, so this will be quite different, though no less mesmerizing.

Here are a few of his brand new tracks for you to enjoy. As always, you can find out more about Maneli at manelijamal.com.

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