Episode 019

Episode 019

Featuring Kelley McRae, Hemmingbirds and Tricia Scully
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Kelley McRae

Kelley McRae

Kelley McRae‘s new album, “Highrises in Brooklyn” hooked me immediately. It wasn’t just the sound of her voice, which admittedly sends shivers down the nape of my neck, but also the power of her lyrics. Folks will be able to relate to her words, and feel them strike, as she does not pull punches.

As if that were not enough, McRae also has the ability to fuse various genres together, almost effortlessly… or so it would seem. Whether pop, blues, jazz or even a touch a country, there does not appear to be any style that she can’t make her own.

Kelley was kind enough to grant me an interview for the episode. This was asking a lot considering the whirlwind tour she was about to embark upon.

We had some technical difficulties at the start, however quickly got things on track. The interview was fantastic, and offered a keen insight into the artist’ life.

In addition to the interview, Kelley shipped me a couple of her CDs to give away to a couple lucky listeners. As stated in the podcast episode, simply email thevinylexperience(at)gmail(dot)com to enter, and put “Kelley McRae CD Giveaway” in the subject line.

Thanks so much for Kelley for giving back to the fans in this way. Since downloading the album, I have listened to it every single day. That’s not an exaggeration for the sake of effect. It is in my daily playlist. That is why I can say with certainty that whoever wins these will be quite happy.



Next up, we have Hemmingbirds.

I was contacted by Yoo Soo Kim of Hemmingbirds, as he was promoting their new album; “Death Wave“. Hemmingbirds is a Chicago-based indie rock band that’s been getting quite a bit of attention in their hometown.

Yoo Soo started the band as a solo project, but has since brought in some talent to round out the sound. What this has done is create a fantastic fusion of indie, rock, pop and new age.

Death Wave” is a great album that will hold your attention from beginning to end. The songs are well written and blend nicely together producing a solid album.

Check out their site at hemmingbirds.com

Tricia Scully

Tricia Scully

I ended the episode with a couple Tricia Scully songs. Tricia’s put together a 5 song EP entitled “The Envelope“. It has a few songs we’ve heard before, such as “Curse Me“, one of my favorites, but also includes some new work.

I played “Holding Out On You” and “The Hall Monitors” on this episode. Both songs have something to admire, be it strong songwriting, haunting melodies or beautiful vocals.

Make certain to check out Tricia’s site to see where she’ll be performing next, as she tours in various places. Upcoming shows are in Chicago, one with Yoo Soo Kim, also played in this episode.

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Thank you and enjoy.

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